Within the articulated supply chain system, our approach first of all involves verifying which procurement model satisfies in the most efficient way the client’s organizational structure and the choice made in terms of market positioning.

The fast chain, the efficient chain, the flexible, the continuous flow, the agile and, mainly, the SCOR model represent strategic alternatives, sometimes feasible in parallel, which, if correctly developed, guarantee evaluation – and consequently the downsizing and the elimination – of waste, the definition of virtuous standards and a constant improvement of the entire system.

Our professional proposal, regardless of whether the starting logic is demand-driven or product-driven and whether the processes must be related to macro or micro-economic needs, mainly consists in the selection and control of suppliers on the one hand and in identification of the correct logistic solutions on the other.
With regard to the identification of suppliers, our initial analysis, from which derives the management organization aimed at the production and delivery of a product rather than a service, does not focus solely on the material and economic proposal of potential resources, but is structured in such a way as to verify, by way of example but not limited to, their financial solidity, flexibility, delivery times and, in the case of semi-finished products or raw materials, their stocking capacity.
Added to this approach is the possibility of accompanying selected companies and suppliers, if the product sector requires it, along the FSC® certification process as accredited consultants (, so as to guarantee our customers the availability of material that meets both contractual and environments specific requirements.

The final objective is therefore to protect the durability of the investment, obviating problems that would undermine the continuity of the purchase process once it has started and taking care, if required, of the drafting and signing of the procurement contracts.

In the same way, the identification of performing logistic alternatives from an economic point of view and in terms of regularity of deliveries completes our offer within a crucial and fundamental commercial circuit.