Event Management

The structure of our organization and management of events, whether they are corporate, public or private, starts from the study of the tailored concept for the type of entertainment required – awards ceremony, convivial event, convention, show – and from the creation of a programmatic schedule that dictates the timing of each phase and allows timely verification. 

Our proposal, developed on the basis of the budget provided to us, ranges from identifying the correct location to artistic consultancy – concerning research in the talent, music and hosting fields – and from the selection of the most suitable suppliers for audio-video-lighting services, scenography, security and catering to billing and handling of any PRS-related duty, as well as other types of paperwork.
In addition to the planning, design and coordination of the event, we can also enrich our proposal with a RSVP service, the appropriate social promotion and the management of live streaming solutions on the desired platforms. 

Our goal is to ensure complete involvement of the public or guests and the best possible image return for our client, to whom we offer a range of solutions that not only reflect their expectations in terms of quality but allow them to maximize customer service and to identify themselves with the methods of communication and performance devised.