Historically, branding corresponds to corporate identity and is therefore understood, simplifying as much as possible, as the path aimed at the creation and affirmation of a name, a logo and a design that identify a product or service, possibly differentiating it from others. 

Our proposal in this area, however, moves from the idea that the interpretation and the objective of the promotional activities that constitute the backbone of this practice must be deeply updated.
In fact, branding can no longer only ensure recognition, but must also offer identification and, in this regard, must tell what values a company believes in, what principles it bases its business on and even what it is ready to fight for.In other words, it must correspond to a declaration of intent which, in the current social context, does not limit itself to flaunting a politically correct purpose by emphasizing abused concepts, but outlines its own line of action by updating, if necessary, its vision and his mission

Furthermore, in order to build or maintain a leading role, companies must guarantee consistency over time and thus allow marketing to offer awareness to the end user.
Sebastian Torri Consulting therefore proposes to analyze and choose with its clients the appropriate steps to affirm their reputation, making sure that the appropriate communication channels, in particular social media, transmit the correct message visually and verbally and precisely guarantee continuity to the brand equity, the fundamental intangible asset through which companies can cement their relationships.